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Free Online Parenting Plus Group

Coronavirus takes a toll on kids and parents.  Especially with going back to school.  This free online group allows parents to vent in a supportive environment about the struggles of raising children during this pandemic along with the changes that have happened during this extremely stressful time. 

This group is a support group by nature that is mediated by a master's level counselor to make sure it runs productively and smoothly.  This is not treatment!  This is just a chance for parents to be able to talk in a group setting and get the support they need to deal with the tremendous stress they are under.


For more information call Jess at 724-406-9430 or email at

Yarn Buddies

Some of the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest changes in child's life.  With this program we provide quality stuffed animals and donate them to kids in need.

Our job is to bring joy and support to the community and this is one way we are working on giving back and helping kids know that in this time where they may feel alone that people do care about them!

If you know of someone who could benefit from this program or interested in helping out email us at ....

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