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What is Optimum Outreach for Kids?

Optimum Outreach for Kids is a program that we have created through our practice Optimum Wellness Counseling to help kids who are not receiving the mental health care that they need for a multitude of reasons.


Some of the reasons that a kid might not be receiving mental health care at this time could be...


  • Financial hardships due to COVID-19

  • High deductible plans that their parent's can't afford

  • Lack of technology to receive telehealth services

  • Insurance issues that keep the child from receiving care in the area they live in.

We believe strongly that these problems should not fall onto the shoulders of the kids in our community.  Kids should be able to get high quality counseling during this very difficult and unstable time.

But we can't do this alone!  We need your help!

Your donation can help these kids receive the help they need!

With your donation we can provide....

  • Fully paid weekly counseling to a child

  • A device capable of doing telehealth services

  • Supplies needed for a child to do telehealth services

What else do we do?

Overall the outlook of our program is just to help kids.  And that means anything and everything we can think of to make their lives better.  The following programs are efforts we make to give back to the community.  If you'd like to learn more please click the links to each program.

Free Parenting Plus Online Group

Coronavirus takes a toll on kids and parents.  Especially with going back to school.  This free online group allows parents to vent in a supportive environment about the struggles of raising children during this pandemic along with the changes that have happened during this extremely stressful time. 


For more information call Jess at 724-406-9430 or email at

Yarn Buddies

Some of the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest changes in child's life.  With this program we provide quality stuffed animals and donate them to kids in need.

If you know of someone who could benefit from this program or interested in helping out email us at ....

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